While Canadians recognized this archipelago’s significance twice before, proposing the islands both as a national park and later a provincial park, success was elusive.

With the Nature Trust’s bold 100 Wild Islands conservation vision and its unique land trust approach, protecting the entire archipelago is truly possible for the first time in history.

We are working to protect 3,000 acres of private land, through conservation agreements with island owners, land donations and land purchase. We have also inspired the Province of Nova Scotia to designate the 4,000 acres of government-owned islands as Wilderness Area.  


Conservation Success

In just a few years, we have succeeded in protecting over 85% of the 100 Wild Islands coastal wilderness! 

With the wildly successful $7 million Legacy Campaign complete, we have the funds in place to bring the entire 100 Wild Islands into conservation. That work continues.


Pre-campaign Islands protected (in green)

To date, Islands protected (in green)