The 100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign would not be possible without the generosity of a huge number of supporters and volunteers. We're so pleased to be able to share with you the The Faces of the 100 Wild Islands, featuring a variety of perspectives on why they support the protection the 100 Wild Islands.

The Nature Trust’s ambitious campaign to protect the entire 100 Wild Islands archipelago has come a long way! We have reached our goal of raising $7 million for the protection of the islands, and 85% of the area is protected to date.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who have brought the campaign to this point! This is your legacy.

In August of 2016, Halifax Regional Council voted to contribute $300,000 to the 100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign. We thank Mayor Savage for sharing the reasons that he and the rest of council decided to support the 100 Wild Islands.



Sally Ravindra and her family, along with co-owners who wish to remain anonymous, generously donated Laybolt and Witchwood Islands - two gems in the 100 Wild Islands.




Nancy Margeson grew up on the Eastern Shore, and is one of our wonderful past board members.

Yvon Chouinard, internationally renowned conservationist and founder of Patagonia visited the 100 Wild Islands with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. He shares a few words on why this project is meaningful to him, and why the 100 Wild Islands are unique.


Brian and Marilyn Murphy, who live and operate a business in the heart of the 100 Wild Islands focus area, are some of the 100 Wild Islands' most enthusiastic ambassadors. We had the good fortune to learn more about why this project resonates so strongly with them.

Dr. Martin Willison is one of the Nature Trust's scientific advisors. Martin shares his thoughts on why he's so thrilled to be involved with the 100 Wild Islands Campaign, and why he thinks this initiative is a great opportunity for conservation.


Ella McQuinn is a member of our incredibly dedicated 100 Wild Islands Campaign team. These volunteers are ensuring that we reach our $7 million fundraising goal. Ella, along with her colleagues at the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association, was also instrumental in the protection of Troop Island.


Sherie Hodds very generously gave her time and expertise to helping us spread the word about the 100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign. It was such a pleasure to host both Sherie and her enthusiastic son for a day in the 100 Wild Islands.


Paul & Barbara Kent had a magical visit to the 100 Wild Islands, and have been avid supporters ever since. The Kents and all of our supporters have made this campaign an incredible success.



MEC has been a great corporate supporter for the Nature Trust, almost since our beginnings. They supported the protection of Borgles Island, at the very beginning of the 100 Wild Islands Campaign.



Marielle Thillet and her family are passionate supporters and volunteers with the Nature Trust. This year, the paddled and camped the 100 Wild Islands as a family.




Whipple Smith is a long-time conservationist and a member of our incredibly dedicated 100 Wild Islands Campaign team.





Paul Scott is a member of the 100 Wild Islands Campaign team, and one of our extremely dedicated Board members. He is also an avid outdoorsman and paddler.


Jim Lawley is a passionate salmon angler and salmon conservationist, 100 Wild Islands supporter and a member of our incredibly dedicated 100 Wild Islands Campaign team.




Eric Thomson is passionate about special places in Nova Scotia, and a member of our hard-working 100 Wild Islands Campaign team.




TD Bank Group is an important partner for the Nature Trust, and a major supporter of the 100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign.