With island conservation success mounting, attention turns the future. 

When land is entrusted to us for conservation, our work is far from over.  The Nature Trust commits to protecting our conservation lands, forever.  To meet this ‘forever wild’ commitment, we maintain an active stewardship program.  We diligently steward our lands with help from professional biologists, ecologists and other experts, conservation partners, neighbouring landowners and many, many wonderful volunteers.

Ongoing stewardship of the 100 Wild Islands includes:

  • Field research to provide a baseline ecological inventory and understanding of the islands and their natural features
  • Conservation and stewardship planning to ensure we can protect the islands’ natural features and ecological diversity over time
  • Management planning to ensure that human use of the islands is appropriate and consistent with such conservation
  • Planning, creation and management of recreational use (such as trails, campsites, access points for kayaks/canoes)
  • Regular monitoring of the islands
  • Recruitment, training and management of a network of Property Guardians: volunteers who help care for and steward the islands
  • Island clean ups
  • Removal of invasive vegetation and restoration of native habitats, where necessary
  • And much more!

Sustainability is more than a goal for the Nature Trust, it is the very heart of our work. We commit to stewarding our conservation lands forever.


Dean Casavechia

Dean Casavechia