Be Part of the 100 Wild Islands Legacy

The first major feat in realizing the 100 Wild Islands dream is securing protection for all 282 islands and 7000 acres of this ecologically rich and beautiful island paradise. We are well on our way, with a remarkable 80% of the islands protected to date. Read more about saving the islands.

The Friends of the Wild:  Keeping it Wild

Once the islands are officially protected, our work just begins! 

Ensuring the 100 Wild Islands remain wild, forever, is a MASSIVE job!  The islands stretch 30 kilometers along the Atlantic coast and some islands are as large as 800 acres.  

The 100 Wild Islands campaign has created excitement far beyond our expectations.  People from near and far are eager to discover the islands.  Island-centered ecotourism initiatives are fast emerging, drawing even more attention.  

We must work quickly to:

  • Plan how to preserve and care for the islands’ irreplaceable natural values
  • Plan for increased use of the islands for wilderness recreation, tourism, education and research


We need your help! 

Your Friends of the Wild donation will ensure “forever” for the 100 Wild Islands.  

Friends of the Wild Benefits:

  • The great feeling that comes from knowing you are helping to protect one of Nova Scotia’s greatest natural treasures. Watch others that have been inspired by the 100 Wild Islands.
  • Donors over $500 are also eligible to win an exclusive boat tour of the 100 Wild Islands
  • A collection of desktop and mobile wallpapers featuring beautiful 100 Wild Islands photography
  • Regular updates on the 100 Wild Islands
  • Invitations to 100 Wild Islands paddles, hikes and other adventures
  • Donations over $20 will receive a charitable tax receipt

5 Wild Friends Challenge

This BIG stewardship challenge needs a BIG network of friends! When you become a Friend of the Wild, share your reason for joining and challenge 5 of your Friends to become a Friend of the Wild too! Who are your 5 Wild Friends?


Your Impact  

Your gift will help to fund the critical planning, management and long-term stewardship of the 100 Wild Islands, today and for generations to come.

You will support this year’s urgent conservation actions:

1. Island Guardianship

  • Creating a network of volunteer “Property Guardians” helping in island stewardship

2. Planning for future use and recreation

  • Completing our inventory of the islands’ unique natural features and biodiversity
  • Mapping highly significant and sensitive areas (like seabird nesting areas or fragile wetlands)
  • Mapping where and how the islands are used now, and which areas can best accommodate use (campsites, trails etc.)
  • Identifying where we need special conservation actions, like restoring habitats or removing invasive species
  • Working with government and community partners to create a conservation vision and long-term stewardship plan for the islands
  • Creating an islands recreation plan (e.g. where to make trails, where people can camp, how to access the islands, sensitive areas where we should discourage use

3. Making connections

  • Community workshops, surveys and outreach to gather knowledge about the islands, where and how people use them, and vision for the islands’ future (including your ideas!)

Read more about the stewardship of the 100 Wild Islands

Putting plans into action

Friends of the Wild donations will then help in building new trails, access points for canoes and kayaks, campsites, visitor guides and maps for people keen to discover the magic of the islands.

Help create opportunities for people to explore and enjoy the 100 Wild Islands, while ensuring the islands are protected, forever.

Help us keep the 100 Wild Islands Wild, Forever. Join Now!